After Facebook recently unveiled its brand new App Center a couple of weeks back, it seems that the social networking giant is hoping to drive mobile app installations directly from it. In a blog post by Facebook software engineer Brent Goldman, he proceeded to explain how the mechanism would work. To start off, he apparently mentioned that Facebook is already integrated in a number of mobile applications with 7 out of 10 of the top grossing iOS-based apps along with 5 out of 10 Android-based apps integrating Facebook’s APIs.

Users will be able to take advantage of new applications in either Facebook’s mobile app or mobile website. In addition to that, a new change will allow Facebook users to install applications from their desktop site directly to their mobile devices with a simple click on a “Send to Mobile” button. As he ends his blog post, Brent explained how developers can include their applications in the App Center saying that each app must take advantage of Facebook Login and developers should create an app detail page in the Developer App section. With this being yet another way for the social networking giant that recently went public to extend its reach, the safe money is on the fact that the App Center will be populated by thousands and thousands of applications in just a short time.

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