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Have you ever noticed that the way you unlock your iPhone is by sliding your finger along that little tab but the way you unlock your iPad is by pulling up the magnetic strip of your Smart Cover and folding it back? Of course for that question to make any sense, we have to make the assumption that your iPad is fitted with the Smart Cover.

There isn’t anything particularly wrong with Apple’s patented “Slide to Unlock” functionality and in addition to that, it is sort of an icon that symbolizes Apple’s mobile products. That said however, it seems that Anton Kudin wanted to bridge the non-existent gap between the “slide to unlock” and the “fold back to unlock” for the Smart Cover so he came up with a concept design called “Fold to Unlock”.

With “Fold to Unlock” we have to stress that it is just a concept but as you can see, the lock screen folds back just like how a Smart Cover does and it reveals more and more of the home screen the further right the lock screen is ‘pushed’.

According to reports, the concept was inspired by a similar one that was posted at the community idea site Dribbble. On the contrary, that concept (picture below) was for Android phones but looks pretty similar.

I know I am repeating myself here but it is important for readers to understand that this concept is not in the works and there is nothing wrong with the “Slide to Unlock” functionality but if some jailbreaker decided to hack this together for Cydia, that might be something worth looking into as well.


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