Foxconn021Whether you’re a fan or a critic of Apple’s products, you have to admit that their devices are incredibly popular and has managed to spawn long queues of people waiting overnight for a chance to buy them. Due to that popularity, this means that for those too busy or too slow to make a purchase decision, they are likely to face sold out statuses and have to wait up to 2-3 weeks before they can get their hands on their purchase. According to a report by the China Daily, it seems that Foxconn is looking to invest $210 million into building a new Apple production line that will be based in Huai’an City, China.

Reportedly the place is expected to be pretty big and will span 40,000 square meters and will hire 35,800 workers. No word on what Apple plans to build at this plant, but what it could mean for consumers like you and I is that hopefully with the new production line in place, it could mean that more products will be churned out which in turn will hopefully lead to shorter wait times! If you’re hoping that this production line will have something to do with the next-gen iPhone, you’re out of luck as the report has stated that construction will begin in October later this year. This new effort by Foxconn will join the factories that the company has opened in Brazil and Zhengzhou.

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