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Honeymoon Period Between Apple And Foxconn Could Be Over
While Foxconn is a massive company that helps other companies manufacture and assemble their products, it’s safe to say that the company is usually associated with Apple. Both companies appear to have a very mutually beneficial relationship where Foxconn handles the bulk of Apple’s manufacturing for products like the iPhone.

Foxconn Claims Component Supplies Have Returned To Pre-Coronavirus Levels
Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, many companies around the world, especially in China, have been forced to shut down and temporarily halt operations. Foxconn was one of the companies that was affected, but now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that things have returned to normal.

Foxconn Reportedly Forced To Halt Almost All Production In China
Recently, there were reports suggesting that Apple’s iPhone production could be potentially affected due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, where most of Apple’s production takes place. One of Apple’s biggest partners, Foxconn, said that it would not affect production schedule, but a new report begs to differ.

iPhone Maker Foxconn Says Wuhan Virus Won’t Affect Its Production Schedule
With reports of the Wuhan virus making its rounds, this is no doubt going to be disruptive for the everyday lives of people, which unsurprisingly could also affect businesses. Recently, there have been reports suggesting that it could have the potential to affect the production schedule of devices like the iPhone, which are manufactured in China.


Foxconn Managers Reportedly Sold iPhones With Faulty Components Worth $43 Million
Foxconn is one of the main manufacturing partners of Apple, where the company is responsible for putting together Apple products like the iPhone. Given that it is not possible for every component to be perfect, and also due to quality assurance, naturally some components are rejected due to them being faulty.

Foxconn Confirms iPhone Mass Production For India
It was reported recently that Foxconn might expand iPhone manufacturing in India, particularly for its latest models, and now the confirmation comes from Terry Gou himself, who is the Chairman of the Foxconn Technology Group. He confirms that the iPhone will enter mass production in India later this year.

Foxconn Could Shift iPhone Assembly To India
Foxconn is one of the biggest contract manufacturers on the planet and it has been manufacturing iPhones for Apple for quite some time now. It may now be looking to shift some of that manufacturing business to India. According to a new report, Foxconn is looking to shift iPhone manufacturing to the South Asian country as Apple seeks to reduce its reliance on manufacturing in China.

Flagship iPhone Production Might Begin In India Next Year
Apple does have a manufacturing partner producing iPhones in India. However, Wistron only makes the cheaper iPhone 6S and iPhone SE models in the country. A new report today claims that Foxconn, Apple’s biggest contract manufacturer, could begin manufacturing flagship iPhones in India next year.

iPhone Production Could Move Out Of China To Avoid Trade Tariffs
Foxconn, Apple’s contract manufacturer for iPhones, is a behemoth in China’s electronics manufacturing industry. Apple’s iPhones are thus produced in China and that hasn’t been a problem for the company until now as the possibility of iPhones being hit by trade tariffs imposed on China looms large. This would make Apple’s smartphones more expensive in the company’s home country. It’s possible that Foxconn might move iPhone production outside China to […]

Foxconn Announces That They Will Be Acquiring Belkin
Foxconn is a name that some might think of when it comes to manufacturing iPhones. Belkin on the other hand is a brand that some might associate with smartphone accessories, such as cables, cases, chargers and so on. Now it looks like both companies will be one, or to be more specific, Foxconn will be acquiring Belkin.

Foxconn Stops Interns From Working illegal Overtime For iPhone X Production
It was reported recently that student interns at Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn were working illegal overtime for assembling the iPhone X. Some interns had revealed that they were working 11-hour days regularly to assemble the new flagship smartphone. These long work hours are illegal for student interns as per the country’s laws. Apple had said that the students “should not have been allowed to work overtime,” and Foxconn has now […]

Students May Have Worked Overtime Illegally To Assemble iPhone X
Apple’s longtime manufacturing partner Foxconn has reportedly been employing students to work overtime illegally at its factories for assembling the iPhone X. The Financial Times has heard from six high school students in China who told the scribe that they regularly work 11-hour days to assemble Apple’s new flagship device. Such long work days are illegal for student interns as per China’s laws.

Foxconn Proposes A Self-Driving Car Lane On Wisconsin’s Highway
As it stands, there are several companies such as Google who are testing out their self-driving cars on the roads, and somewhat successfully too. However until the day comes where the majority of cars are self-driving cars, there is the potential for accidents as sometimes it can be hard to predict human driving behavior.

Alleged Leaked Slide Claims Apple Gave Up On Rear-Mounted Touch ID
Early iPhone 8 rumors have suggested that Apple could be looking to embed Touch ID into the display of the phone itself, but later leaks and rumors have indicated that Apple could also be considering moving it to the back of the phone, although the more recent leaks have suggested that is no longer the case.

Samsung Backs ‘Kiss’ Wireless Data Transfer Technology
If you want to transfer a file from your phone to another phone, or a phone to a computer, and so on, usually you’d use a cable. This has been the default method for data transfer over the years and while it works, we guess it’s not the most efficient, but that could soon change as companies such as Samsung has backed a technology by Keyssa called “Kiss”.

Alleged Foxconn Photo Hints At iPhone With Rear-Facing Touch ID
At this stage in the game, you might think that the rumor mill would have already somewhat settled when it comes to “deciding” what the iPhone 8 could look like or what kind of features it could have. However a recent photo posted onto Chinese website Feng (via Cult of Mac) is throwing us for a loop.

Foxconn Exec Reportedly Reveals Some iPhone 8 Details
We’re pretty sure that given how long Apple and Foxconn have been working together that the latter company is very familiar with the way Apple does things, and also how much the company values their secrets. Oddly enough this hasn’t stopped Foxconn execs over the years to drop hints here and there regarding Apple’s upcoming products.

Foxconn Announces Plans To Launch Manufacturing Plant In Wisconsin
According to the reports, Foxconn has been mulling the idea of potentially expanding its operations in the US. In fact a rumor earlier this week suggested that their plans could be announced this week itself, and sure enough that’s exactly what happened as Foxconn has revealed their plans to open a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin.

Foxconn Could Announce US Expansion Plans This Week
Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the United States, he has made a push for companies such as Apple to bring their manufacturing operations from countries like China and India back to the US. Whether or not they will remains to be seen, but in the past we have heard reports that they could be considering it.

Qualcomm Is Now Suing Apple’s iPhone Manufacturing Partners
Earlier this year the FTC filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm over alleged antitrust violations. Following that, Apple launched a lawsuit of their own in which they alleged that Qualcomm had withheld payments to them as a form of “punishment” amongst other things. Unsurprisingly Qualcomm did not take these allegations lying down.