As many of you are aware, there is a global chip shortage going on right now. This has made it difficult for companies across various industries to create the products they usually create in a timely manner. So the question is, when can we expect this shortage to end and have things go back to normal?

According to Foxconn, it won’t be anytime soon. In a report from Reuters, Foxconn had shared a forecast last week in which they estimated that this chip shortage would most likely run into the second half of 2022. The company shared this information as part of their earnings estimate where they believe that this could have an impact on their revenue where it could drop by 15%.

Foxconn is probably best known as being one of Apple’s manufacturing partners where they’re responsible for a variety of Apple products, such as the iPhone. As it stands, some of Apple’s iPhones have an estimated 2-3 week shipping time, and some of the company’s newer 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro configurations have been backordered until early 2022.

That being said, Black Friday is coming up soon which means we can expect a flurry of sales, so if there is something you want and don’t want to wait until 2022, you might want to move quickly and pull the trigger if you are hoping to get your orders before the year closes out.

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