If you’re interested in checking out cool concept watches, this Gravity LCD watch by Sam from Germany has to be one of the more interesting concept watches we’ve seen to date. As the name and the rendering above might have already implied, the Gravity LCD watch is basically an LCD watch whereby the numbers of the display are tumbling around depending on the watch’s orientation. This will be achieved by a built-in tilt sensor and a program that will translate the orientation into gravity data.

So how will one be able to tell the time? Simple. As long as the wearer’s finger does not touch the display, the numbers will continue to free fall. However once the wearer touches a portion of the watch with their finger, the numbers will automatically align into two rows – one for the time and one for the date. A backlight can also be activated by touching the display with half of your finger as opposed to your finger tip. The design of the watch itself looks pretty sleek and minimalist, a form which I personally tend to favor. Unfortunately it’s merely a concept at the moment so if you’d like to leave your comments or vote on it, head on over to Tokyo Flash’s website.

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