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The X Con handcuff watch is very unusual looking
Some people claim they do not like wearing watches because they do not enjoy the feeling of having something strapped to their wrist, so we can only imagine how they might feel about handcuffs. That being said, it looks like this handcuff inspired watch by Jordan from Canada may very well prove to be one of their worst nightmares. Dubbed the X Con, as you can see in the rendering […]

Cassiopeia inspired concept watch looks pretty good
If you’ve ever stared into the night sky and see the stars and the constellations they form, you have to admit that is indeed a sight to behold. Sam F. from the USA has attempted to recreate that beauty with a concept timepiece which he has based on the Cassiopeia constellation. As you can see in the rendering above, the watch features a zig-zag face with a strip of multi-colored […]

This sci-fi inspired LED watch looks pretty good
Tron is a movie that has no doubt inspired plenty of sci-fi designs and this concept watch design by Alan from the USA is no different. Inspired by Tron: Legacy and 2001: A Space Odyssey, this watch features a square face with an LED face on a silver metal strap. According to its designer, telling the time on this watch is reportedly quick and intuitive, with the outer white circle […]

This Yin/Yang inspired timepiece looks pretty unique
While watches were originally designed to be a practical way of telling time, thanks to fashion and technology, watches have become more than that. If you prefer a less conventional looking watch, Erik from Columbia has come up with a concept watch which seems to have been inspired by the Yin/Yang symbol. It features two faces, with each face representing a six hour period, while in between those two faces […]


Smart Connection smartwatch concept looks pretty futuristic
We’ve seen smartwatches before where they basically pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth. In case you’re wondering what a smartwatch is, not only does it display the time, but it also has the ability to display notifications from Facebook, Twitter, emails, messages, calls and etc. Some go as far as letting you answer your calls via your watch so you will never have to take the phone out of your […]

Subway watch concept displays the time like a subway map
Watches can be a defining piece of fashion, especially if you know how to pair a particular watch style with a particular look. While concept watches might not necessarily be designed in your typical watch fashion, they are pretty interesting to look at and probably appeal to those with more eclectic fashion sense. That being said, Peter from the UK submitted a watch design recently to the folks at Tokyo […]

Camalien LED concept watch changes its colors depending on your surroundings
Sometimes the watch you wear helps compliment your entire outfit, but how about a watch that will compliment your surroundings instead? Designers Peter and Sam have come up with a concept watch they’ve dubbed the Camalien. It’s an LED watch with a sleek design that also comes with a camera built into it that will record your surroundings and will change the watch’s color accordingly. Admittedly the Camalien is more […]

Gravity LCD watch concept is pretty unique
If you’re interested in checking out cool concept watches, this Gravity LCD watch by Sam from Germany has to be one of the more interesting concept watches we’ve seen to date. As the name and the rendering above might have already implied, the Gravity LCD watch is basically an LCD watch whereby the numbers of the display are tumbling around depending on the watch’s orientation. This will be achieved by […]

Bracelet watch concept uses blocks to tell the time
Jeffrey from the Netherlands has come up with a concept watch that was inspired by a square watch given to his girlfriend and his Wacom tablet. Shaped like a bracelet, this watch will feature an LED/LCD face that displays the time in blocks. As you can see above, the time is depicted in a series of blocks, with the largest indicating the hours, and the smaller ones the minutes and […]

Cubism inspired watch concept will please Picasso fans
If you’re a fan of avant-garde art such as Cubism popularized by Pablo Picasso, then you might be interested in taking a look at this Picasso watch designed by Heather (USA) and Peter (UK) which seems to have been inspired by the artist, while at the same time paying tribute to his work. As the rendering above might have implied, telling the time via the Picasso watch will not be […]

Hybrid watch concept merges analog with digital
We’re sure that you guys have come across watches before that combine both digital and analog times into a single device. This usually involves an analog face with a small screen at the bottom that shows the time in digital format, although in this design by Peter from the UK, he has managed to create a digital/analog hybrid watch concept.

Hi-Five LED watch concept comes with a built-in MP3 player
Watches with built-in MP3 player capabilities aren’t new – in fact one could think of the iPod nano as a MP3 player with built-in watch capabilities, or vice versa depending on how you look at it. However if you’re looking for a watch with a unique look and design, then you might be interested in the Hi-Five LED watch concept by Lloyd from Australia who submitted his design to the […]

Codex Cube LCD watch concept has a pretty funky design
Concept watches are fun since they let designers come up with pretty crazy and unique ways of telling the time, some of which border on pure fantasy. While we’re not watch makers ourselves, we have to admit that this Codex Cube LCD watch by designers Firdaus and Heather is a pretty unique watch with a watch face that gives the illusion that the “cube” is 3D.

Alien Toy Pocket Watch concept is pretty novel
For those in the market for a time piece that doesn’t necessarily have to be worn on the wrist, you might be interested in taking a look at this recent submission to Tokyo Flash. This Alien Toy Pocket Watch was submitted by designer Andy from the Ukraine, and it basically features an alien toy hanging on what appears to be a necklace, with its eye being used as the time […]