Opera Mini on Android and bada OS via Samsung Apps

We speculated on whether the bada OS from Samsung has reached the end of the road just last week, and it seems as though nothing came out of it – so there is still some life left in the bada OS’ legs for the moment. Opera Software has made an announcement concerning the availability of Opera Mini on the Android and bada platforms, where the latter can be downloaded for any bada 2.0-powered device via Samsung Apps, which is Samsung’s very own dedicated application store. Alternatively, you can do so via Kies (the PC software) or www.samsungapps.com for free.

Basically, Opera Mini helps those who are on a pay-per-use data plan the most, as it will have a heavy duty server backend that does all the webpage crunching down to a fraction of its original size before sending it over to your smartphone, letting you enjoy “the super-fast web while staying under your data plan cap.” According to Erick Lee, Vice President of Sales and Country Manager for Korea, Opera Software, “We want to make Opera Mini available everywhere to everyone. For owners of Samsung bada and Android devices, why are you even reading this far? Head over to Samsung Apps and download Opera Mini. I promise you’ll never look back.” Do you think Mr. Lee has kept to his promise after you’ve given Opera Mini a go? [Press Release]

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