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Samsung to unveil Bada smart TV at CES 2013?
Samsung’s Bada platform might not necessarily be the most popular smartphone platform at the moment, but it looks like it might be seeing a new lease on life come 2013. Word on the street has it that Samsung could be unveiling a new smart TV at CES 2013, and that TV could be powered by none other than the South Korean company’s Bada platform. We know that Samsung already has […]

Samsung Wave S8500 Bada smartphone gets unofficial AOKP Jelly Bean ROM
Prior to Samsung producing Galaxy devices based on Google’s Android operating system, the company had attempted to create a mobile platform of their own called Bada. While Bada has its fair share of fans, we guess the platform did not take off the way that Samsung had anticipated. Unfortunately this also meant that there are customers out there with Bada smartphones who are either waiting out their contracts or simply […]

Samsung not expected to launch new Bada or Tizen devices for the remainder of 2012
As some of you guys know, Bada is Samsung’s attempt at a smartphone platform of their own. While it might not have taken off in the same way that iOS and Android has, it no doubt has its fair share of fans who might prefer it over the more popular choices available. If you happen to be such a fan, or perhaps looking forward to Samsung’s attempts with Tizen, you […]

Opera Mini on Android and bada OS via Samsung Apps
We speculated on whether the bada OS from Samsung has reached the end of the road just last week, and it seems as though nothing came out of it – so there is still some life left in the bada OS’ legs for the moment. Opera Software has made an announcement concerning the availability of Opera Mini on the Android and bada platforms, where the latter can be downloaded for […]


Samsung Bada OS reaches end of the road?
It was rather interesting to see Samsung support two operating systems simultaneously – their very own bada OS, as well as the far more popular Android operating system from Google. Well, we did wonder from time to time just how popular would the bada platform be, and it seems that the latest word on the street mentioned that the bada operating system might soon be a thing of the past. […]

White Samsung Wave 3 seen in the wild
The Bada operating system from Samsung has not exactly caught the imagination of the masses, and looks set to remain in a niche group of products even from Samsung themselves. Having said that, at least Samsung is not abandoning the Bada platform entirely. Some sharp eyed folks (with a fast camera of course) were able to shoot a video of the white Samsung Wave 3, which is very different from […]

Samsung Wave Y LeFleur edition on sale for $165
Samsung takes the road less traveled with their Samsung Wave Y LeFleur edition, where this particular handset is not powered by the Android platform, but rather, it will run on Samsung’s very own Bada operating system. There were a couple of LeFleur edition handsets that we looked at in the past, and this will clearly take its position with the other two in the big scheme of things. While the […]

Samsung pulls the brakes on Tizen merger
Remember our earlier story that talked about Samsung exploring the possibility of merging their Bada mobile operating system with Intel’s Tizen, a descendant of the MeeGo platform? Everything sounded like peaches and cream, but it seems that the merger will no longer go through. Samsung’s Senior VP of Contents Planning Tae-jin Kang issued a statement to AllThingsD, saying, “Samsung and other members of Tizen Association have not made a firm […]

Samsung to merge Bada operating system with Intel's Tizen
Samsung’s own platform, Bada, may not be as well known compared to platforms such as iOS or Android, but that does not mean that the platform has not garnered a following of its own. Either way, the good (or bad) news for fans of Samsung’s Bada operating system is that according to the company, they will be merging the platform together with Intel’s very own Tizen platform.

One in every two smartphones sold in the world run Android
It took awhile, but Google’s domination of the mobile platform has finally occurred. According to the latest findings by Gartner, Android now has 52.5% market share worldwide – up from 43.4% last quarter and double the 25.3% from one year ago. And even better news for Google – the operating system has been stealing the market from almost every other smartphone platform.Even though iOS grew by almost 4 million unit […]

Yandex of Russia to power Samsung Smart TVs and smartphones
Ever heard of Yandex before? Neither have I prior to writing this post, but at least now we both know that Yandex is a search engine in Russia with an extremely minimalist home page. South Korean consumer electronics player Samsung has inked a deal with Yandex, where their strategic partnership in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries will see Yandex’s TV widget being incorporated into Samsung Smart TVs, while […]

Samsung's ChatON now available in Android Market
Blackberry users have Blackberry Messenger (BBM), and lately iOS users have gotten their hands on iMessage, Apple’s answer to BBM, and perhaps not wanting to be left out in the wake and hype of iOS 5, Samsung has finally released the ChatON, which is the handset manufacturer’s Android answer to BBM and iMessage.

Samsung considering bringing Bada into US market
Samsung’s very own mobile platform, Bada, has done well for itself in Europe, and with the smartphone platform market in the US starting to look a bit crowded with Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone and Symbian just to name a few, what will happen if you throw Bada into the mix?

Samsung Bada OS to take open source route?
Samsung was certainly bold when they decided to venture into the world of mobile operating systems with the Bada OS a couple of years ago, and sad to say it did not really take off as much as the suits at Samsung would have liked – I presume this is no biggie to Samsung since they’re doing extremely well with Android-powered smartphones in their stable.

Samsung Wave 3 to be released in October
Samsung’s next generation bada phone, the Samsung Wave 3, wasn’t given a release date when it was announced together with the Wave M and Wave Y phones last month. But today at the bada developer day in India, a Samsung executive confirmed a release date for the Wave 3. The Samsung Wave 3 will be released in Europe sometime next month. No word on a US release date, but seeing […]

Samsung avoids webOS
It was rumored that Samsung might be digging into their cash reserves to bring webOS, the failed platform from HP, under their wings. Well, good thing Samsung CEO Choi Gee Sung decided to rubbish such rumors at IFA 2011 in Berlin that the South Korean company would “never” pursue a deal.While it seems that “acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion”, Samsung themselves have their own Bada mobile operating […]

Samsung Galaxy Note, Wave 3, Galaxy Tab 7.7 revealed in Unpacked APK
Almost a week ago we posted a teaser video by Samsung that well, basically teased us as to what we can expect at IFA. Thanks to a curious Android developer who poked their nose around Samsung’s Unpacked app’s APK, we now know that Samsung has plans to unveil three new devices at IFA this year.

Samsung bada 2.0 SDK released
While bada might not be the biggest deal over in this part of the world, it does have its place in the European and Asian market. Samsung has just announced the SDK for the latest version of the operating system. First shown off at MWC 2011 in February this year, the updated SDK takes advantage of a lot of new features and improvements that are introduced in bada 2.0.

Leaked Samsung roadmap fake?
Yesterday, a Lithuanian site was believed to have discovered Samsung’s roadmap for 2011 which pointed out a number of exciting devices that will be arriving later this year, including some new Bada 2.0 phones, and a new high-end Samsung device that packs a full HD (1280 x 720) resolution display. Other devices leaked include a new 7″ tablet that is said to replace the original Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung bada 2.0 coming out this July in India
Samsung’s bada 2.0 operating system is slated to hit the markets this coming July – starting from India, of all places, according to Financial Express. So far, the bada OS hasn’t really picked up as much steam as Samsung would have liked, and is more or less reserved for their entry level as well as mid-range handsets. Samsung executive Dipesh Shah of Samsung India claims that the company intends to […]