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Opera’s GX Gaming Browser Makes Its Way Onto Mobile
There are several different browsers you can choose from on desktop and mobile. Opera is one of those browsers, but back in 2019, the company decided to spin off their browser where they created a separate browser called Opera GX that was apparently designed for gamers. This came with features like CPU and RAM limiters so users can choose how much resources they want to allocate.

Latest Opera Update Offers Direct Access To Instagram On Your Desktop
If you’re the sort of person who loves keeping social media platforms like Facebook open on their browser tab while they’re on their computer, then Opera’s latest update might be worth checking out. This is because in the latest version of Opera, the company is providing users with a one-click direct access to Instagram.

Latest Opera Update Will Make Easier To Manage Multiple Tabs
These days browsers pretty much all come with tabs. Depending on the type of user you are, you might be the type that has many tabs open at once. This can be rather confusing if you’re trying to sort between the tabs, but if you’re an Opera user, then you might want to check out the latest update to the browser.

How To Change MacOS Default Browser
With macOS, the default browser that comes bundled with the operating system is none other than Apple’s Safari. Safari is an excellent browser, especially if you use multiple Mac computers and/or iOS devices, because it will be able to sync your data such as browsing history across them.


Latest Version Of Opera For Android Gives Any Webpage A Dark Mode
These days, we’re seeing more smartphones and apps introducing dark mode. In case the name wasn’t already familiar, dark mode basically gives an app a dark appearance where it is supposed to be easier to use in low-light situations. It also has the added benefit of being better for battery life, especially with devices that use OLED displays.

How To Change The Default Browser On Windows 10
Not a fan of using Edge as your default browser on Windows 10? Here’s how you can change the default browser on your Windows computer.

Opera’s Latest Update Comes With Upgraded Privacy Controls
As we’re starting to see more of our privacy get eroded through online tracking tools and data collection and data breaches, we’re sure that many of us are more than eager to protect whatever little privacy we have left. If privacy is a huge concern of yours when browsing the web, then Opera’s latest browser update might be worth checking out.

Opera's 'Gaming Browser' Lets Users Control CPU Usage
Opera today announced what it calls a “gaming browser,” it’s a version of the Opera browser that’s meant to appeal to gamers. It does provide them smart features that will make sense to those who really want further customization on their gaming rigs. Other than that, the gaming browser is unlikely to appeal to the average users.

Opera For Android Gets An Integrated Free VPN
Opera for Android users will be delighted to hear that the company has integrated its free VPN service with its Android browser. Prior to its change of ownership, the company had launched an Opera VPN service which was a standalone app for iOS and Android. It later integrated the service into the desktop browser.

Opera For Android Makes It Easier To Turn Off Ad Blocking
Back in the day, ad blocking on browsers were only available through third-party extensions. However these days companies are starting to recognize that these are features that their users want, and browsers such as Opera come with ad blocking built into them, but turning it off can be a bit of a hassle.

Opera For Android Now Has A Cryptocurrency Wallet
Opera had confirmed earlier this year that it would build a cryptocurrency wallet inside its Android browser. The company has followed through on that promise and confirmed today that the latest version of its browser does indeed come with a cryptocurrency wallet. The announcement was made at a blockchain event in London today.

Opera Browser Beta Will Block Annoying Cookie Dialogs
In recent times you might have noticed that when you’re browsing the web, especially on your phone, you will come across a huge dialog screen that informs you that the website you’re visiting is using cookies. This is part of the EU’s GDPR rules and is a legal requirement for websites nowadays.

Opera Touch Browser Launched For iOS Devices
Earlier this year Opera launched its Touch browser for Android. For iOS users who might be feeling left out, you’ll be pleased to learn that Opera has since announced that its Touch browser will now be available for iOS devices where the company is hoping to convince iOS users to make the swap from Safari to Opera Touch.

Opera VPN For Android Bites The Dust
If you’ve been relying on Opera’s free VPN for Android you will have to look for an alternative. The Opera VPN for Android app is being shut down today but existing users are being offered some deals on SurfEasy VPN. However, it’s not like there’s any shortage of mobile VPN services available so users can really look at the plethora of options available to decide which one suits their usage […]

Opera ‘Touch’ Is The Company’s Latest Browser For Mobile
If you’re looking for a new mobile browser, Opera might have you covered. The company has launched a variety of browsers designed for mobile in the past but it looks like they’re not done in their quest to create the ultimate mobile experience. This has resulted in their latest efforts in the form of the Opera Touch.

Opera’s Free VPN App Will Be Shutting Down April 30
There are several VPN services available out there, but some of them require users to pay a monthly subscription. However several years ago, Opera announced their own free VPN app for mobile that launched on both iOS and Android, but unfortunately it seems that Opera has ultimately decided to shut its services down.

Samsung Max Launched, Will Replace Opera Max
Several years ago, Opera launched Opera Max which for those unfamiliar, is an app for mobile devices that was designed to help reduce data consumption and also provide users with VPN-like features. However last year Opera announced that Opera Max would be discontinued, much to the disappointment of many.

Opera Mini And Mobile Get Cryptocurrency Mining Protections
Cryptocurrency values have skyrocketed over the past few months and this has caused a lot of bad apples to try and take advantage of the situation at others’ expense. It’s not uncommon for websites to include scripts now that hijack a user’s CPU resources in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Opera recently added cryptocurrency mining protections to its desktop web browser earlier this month and it’s now rolling out similar functionality […]

Opera 50 Released With Cryptocurrency Mining Protection
It’s increasingly becoming common for websites to rely on coin mining scripts to hijack a visitor’s CPU resources to mine for virtual currencies. Even Chrome extensions have started doing this. Opera recently revealed that the next update for its popular web browser is going t have built-in cryptocurrency mining protection. The company today released version 50 of the Opera browser with this functionality.

Opera's Next Update Brings Anti-Bitcoin Mining Feature
There are countless websites live today that hijack a visitor’s CPU to mine for virtual currencies like Bitcoin. They do that without the visitor’s consent or knowledge in order to make money for themselves. It’s unethical and a breach of trust but sadly it’s something that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, particularly with digital currency values soaring in recent months. Opera has now developed a feature that will […]