Opera VPN For Android Bites The Dust

If you’ve been relying on Opera’s free VPN for Android you will have to look for an alternative. The Opera VPN for Android app is being shut down today but existing users are being offered some deals on SurfEasy VPN. However, it’s not like there’s any shortage of mobile VPN services available so users can really look at the plethora of options available to decide which one suits their usage […]

Opera ‘Touch’ Is The Company’s Latest Browser For Mobile

If you’re looking for a new mobile browser, Opera might have you covered. The company has launched a variety of browsers designed for mobile in the past but it looks like they’re not done in their quest to create the ultimate mobile experience. This has resulted in their latest efforts in the form of the Opera Touch.

Opera’s Free VPN App Will Be Shutting Down April 30

There are several VPN services available out there, but some of them require users to pay a monthly subscription. However several years ago, Opera announced their own free VPN app for mobile that launched on both iOS and Android, but unfortunately it seems that Opera has ultimately decided to shut its services down.

Samsung Max Launched, Will Replace Opera Max

Several years ago, Opera launched Opera Max which for those unfamiliar, is an app for mobile devices that was designed to help reduce data consumption and also provide users with VPN-like features. However last year Opera announced that Opera Max would be discontinued, much to the disappointment of many.


Opera Mini And Mobile Get Cryptocurrency Mining Protections

Cryptocurrency values have skyrocketed over the past few months and this has caused a lot of bad apples to try and take advantage of the situation at others’ expense. It’s not uncommon for websites to include scripts now that hijack a user’s CPU resources in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Opera recently added cryptocurrency mining protections to its desktop web browser earlier this month and it’s now rolling out similar functionality […]

Opera 50 Released With Cryptocurrency Mining Protection

It’s increasingly becoming common for websites to rely on coin mining scripts to hijack a visitor’s CPU resources to mine for virtual currencies. Even Chrome extensions have started doing this. Opera recently revealed that the next update for its popular web browser is going t have built-in cryptocurrency mining protection. The company today released version 50 of the Opera browser with this functionality.

Opera’s Next Update Brings Anti-Bitcoin Mining Feature

There are countless websites live today that hijack a visitor’s CPU to mine for virtual currencies like Bitcoin. They do that without the visitor’s consent or knowledge in order to make money for themselves. It’s unethical and a breach of trust but sadly it’s something that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, particularly with digital currency values soaring in recent months. Opera has now developed a feature that will […]

Opera Max VPN App Discontinued

Opera released its Opera Max VPN app back in 2014. The app was meant to help users reduce their data use on mobile. The app used to compress data before it reached the device so that users saved data when they streamed a video or browsed websites. It became very useful for those who were on plans with monthly data limits. Opera has now decided to discontinue Opera Max.

Opera’s Latest Browser Comes With WhatsApp And Facebook Built Into It

If you’ve a browser open whether you’re at school or at work, there’s a good chance there is a tab opened for social media as well. Whether it be for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or WhatsApp for the web. However if you were to use Opera’s latest browser, those tabs will no longer be necessary.

Opera Releases Fastest Version Ever For Desktop

Opera today announced that version 43 of its Opera web browser is the fastest version ever that it has released for the desktop. It says that instant page loading and Profile Guided Optimization is what makes Opera 43 its fastest version ever for the desktop. It has been working on improving page loading speeds since last year and has already launched features such as page-load speed optimization, native ad-blocking, and […]

Opera Neon Concept Browser Gives You A Glimpse Of Futuristic Browsing

Opera has been thinking about what web browsers are going to look in the future. It’s sharing one of its concepts with us today. Called Opera Neon, it’s a new concept browser from the company that aims to provide us a glimpse into futuristic web browsing. It says that Neon is the result of thousands of concepts, iterations, drawings, versions, and interface designs.

Opera Max Will Now Block Ad Trackers On Your Phone

Ad trackers are an unfortunate reality, but we guess that’s the price that we have to pay for using the internet. Now if you particularly hate ad trackers, you might be interested to learn that Opera has recently issued an update to its Opera Max app for Android where it will now be able to block them.

Opera’s VPN Browser Is Now Available To Everyone

One of the benefits of using a VPN, apart from trying to skate around geofenced content, is to protect your privacy. There are plenty of VPN services out there, some of which are free, and some of which require users to pay a subscription. Now it looks like we’ll have one more option in the form of Opera.

Opera VPN App For Android Released

Opera released an update of its desktop web browser earlier this year which included a built-in VPN. The VPN enables users to hide their IP addresses by routing their traffic through a third-party server, this allows them to maintain anonymity and even bypass geographical restrictions. Opera has taken its VPN ambitions one step further today by releasing a standalone VPN app for Android.