It was rather interesting to see Samsung support two operating systems simultaneously – their very own bada OS, as well as the far more popular Android operating system from Google. Well, we did wonder from time to time just how popular would the bada platform be, and it seems that the latest word on the street mentioned that the bada operating system might soon be a thing of the past. Originally launched a couple of years ago as an experiment, it could be said to be a “second pillar” for Samsung – if it did well, then, Samsung has a winner on its hands (where the Android platform was not that popular as it is today), but should it die a slow death, there is not much loss, since it did not seem as though Samsung put their heart and soul in pushing out the bada platform to users.

Eldar Murtazin,’s Editor-in-chief has quite the track record with rumors on smartphones, has come up with a rather lengthy analysis on just what bada’s role within Samsung is, and whether it has a future or not. It seems that he has predicted a 2013 demise for this operating system, although Samsung has yet to confirm anything of that sort. Considering the smartphone landscape at the moment, it makes perfect sense to ditch bada entirely and fully concentrate on Android.

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