As part of the Tokyo Hotaru (fireflies) festival, Panasonic decided to release a whopping 100,000 EVERLED light bulbs down the Sumida River in Tokyo. We have to admit that this is a pretty impressive sight as the entire river gained a very distinct shade of blue. So what’s the reason behind this move? Like we said earlier, this is part of the Tokyo Hotaru festival and the EVERLEDs were meant to represent fireflies as well as to pay homage to the Japanese tradition of floating candles on the water, albeit in a bit more high-tech way. Now we’re sure many are wondering about the possible environmental impact and possible pollution that could result from these 100,000 bulbs. Fret not as Panasonic has addressed those issues by ensuring that all the bulbs are solar powered, which we presume were charged the day before and in turn will help power the Evolta batteries inside. The bulbs were also fished out via a huge net although it’s safe to say that a couple might still be floating about in the river. In any case be sure to check out the spectacular display in the video above.

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