The PlayStation Network (better known as the PSN for short) will be entering its scheduled maintenance from tomorrow onwards – that is, Thursday, the 24th of May for those who have completely lost track of time simply because you spent way too much time on Diablo 3, the fastest selling game on the PC to date. In order to make sure that Sony offers the best online experience possible with their PSN service, regular maintenance is a necessary evil, as some like to say. Here is what Sony says about the upcoming scheduled maintenance.

As part of our efforts to continue to deliver you a world-class online entertainment experience on your PS3 and PS Vita devices, we will be performing maintenance on the network on Thursday, May 24th, starting at approximately 8:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT and concluding around 11:00pm PDT / 2:00am EDT.

That means throughout the maintenance period, your eyes will be greeted by this particular message, “PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance” whenever you try to access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home. Online play will remain unaffected though, and you can still have your fair share of fun with apps like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

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