Sony PlayStation Network To Get Two-Factor Authentication

After various hacking attempts (some successful) on Sony’s PlayStation Network, you would think that the company would be rushing to step up security and offer all kinds of security and protective features for its users, but for some reason despite two-factor authentication being extremely common, it is only now that Sony will be introducing it to their platform.

Sony To Extend PS Plus Subscriptions Following PSN Outage

As you might have heard, yesterday Sony’s PlayStation Network was down and appeared to be down for a good while. So far it seems like it might have been some connectivity or network issues and not a hack like we’re sure many gamers are a little paranoid about, especially following the massive hack back in 2011.That being said, PSN has been facing quite a fair bit of downtime in recent […]

Sony’s PlayStation Network Is Down

Ever since Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) was hacked in 2011 that caused a major outage, we suppose we can’t blame gamers if they were to feel paranoid whenever PSN goes down because it is unclear if this is simply a connectivity issue, or if it the network has been hacked again.That being said, it has recently been reported that Sony’s PSN is down again and at this time of posting, […]

Guilty: Lizard Squad Member Hacking Exploits

It looks like the long arm of the law has finally dispensed the relevant kind of justice – Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki, who is one of the members of the notorious Lizard Squad, has been found guilty for being part of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live gaming services that happened sometime around Christmas last year. Of course, this guilty verdict does not cover just […]


PlayStation Network Goes Down For Maintenance Today

 If you’re unable to access the PlayStation Network today don’t freak out or worry that something bad has happened, Sony has confirmed that it is going to take down the PlayStation Network today for routine maintenance. This is nothing new as the company does this every few months to ensure that all systems continue to run as they should and that there’s no decrease in performance or reliability come what may.

Sony Raises Funds For Nepal Earthquake Relief On PSN

Ever since news broke of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal, many companies all over the world have come forward and offered their support, and Sony is one of the latest companies to help out by trying to raise earthquake relief funds via the Sony PSN platform. There is now a new area in the PlayStation Store where gamers can donate money towards relief efforts.Gamers can choose how much they […]

PlayStation Network Sub-Account Can Now Be Upgraded To Master Account

Sony has often been requested to allow PlayStation Network sub-accounts to be upgraded to master accounts and it has finally come through. PlayStation Network users now have the ability to do this, though only through a PC initially, but Sony has promised that users will be able to do this through a PlayStation 4 in the near future.

PlayStation Network Outage Yet Again

It is starting to feel like a nightmare all over again, as there are PlayStation users who have reported connectivity issues whenever they try to log in to the PlayStation Network, and this particular incident has already been confirmed by Sony. Sony’s engineers are working to solve whatever problem that might be plaguing the PlayStation Network, and needless to say, they do hope to be able to get everything up […]

Police Reportedly Arrest Member Of Group Behind PSN And Xbox Live Attack

If you have been following the news around PlayStation Network and Xbox Live attack, which happened over Christmas, then you may have already heard about Lizard Squad. This is the group that claimed responsibility for knocking down the online gaming services on Christmas. It took a couple of days for the companies to bring their networks back online much to the dismay of gamers around the world. According to a new […]

PSN Still Suffering From Intermittent Connectivity

As many gamers have probably figured out for themselves, Sony’s PSN and Microsoft’s Xbox Live were hacked over Christmas, effectively preventing them from playing their games online. Now both Xbox Live and PSN are back online and the group claiming responsibility for the hacks have promised to stop.However it seems that there are still issues plaguing Sony’s PSN. This was confirmed by Sony on the PlayStation Knowledge Center in which […]

Lizard Squad Says They Will Stop Hacking Xbox Live And PSN

As many gamers who use Sony or Microsoft’s gaming services have noticed, both PSN and Xbox Live were taken offline during Christmas due to the attacks of a hacker group who call themselves the Lizard Squad. Now it appears that the hacks have stopped and that the services are back online, but we’re sure many are wondering when the next hack will be.The good news is that the Lizard Squad […]

PSN And Xbox Live Come Under Attack Once Again

It looks like you will find it hard to get a good gaming session in over Christmas. Just yesterday a hacker group going by Lizard Squad took down both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for a while, causing a great inconvenience to gamers around the world. Something similar seems to be happening now as gamers are once again facing problems with PSN and Xbox Live. Both Sony and Microsoft have […]

PSN And Xbox Live Hit By Hackers On Christmas Eve

One would think that hackers would recede in their lairs for the holidays but the reality is different. A notorious group which goes by the moniker Lizard Squad is taking credit for the attack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live that took place on Christmas Eve. This group has been involved in similar attacks in the past as well, which basically overloads the servers intentionally by sending bogus traffic.

PSN’s Services Were Interrupted, Hacker Group Claims Responsibility

Sony just can’t seem to catch a break these days. It was a few years ago that Sony’s PSN got hacked and in the process, a lot of credit card information was stolen and Sony landed themselves into some hot water over it. Recently Sony Pictures has been hacked as well, and the bad news for PSN gamers is that if you weren’t around earlier, it looks like PSN got […]