Robocop – I still remember the hit movie from the 1980s, with his staggered movement, and the only thing he had going was his super sharp targeting as well as database of felons he can fall back upon when it came to identifying the baddies in a crowd. While technology has not exactly returned cadavers from the dead, here we are with a 2 meter tall robot that is located in Kunming, China, and what makes this robot installation so special is the inclusion of a surveillance camera in the visor. This camera will send all visual feedback to the nearest police station thanks to closed circuit TV cables that run underground.

These robot police are not cheap, costing around $3,170, and one would half expect them to come to life suddenly just like the Destroyer from the Thor movie. Ah well, at least these serve as a more imposing set of “eyes” for police back at the station, and it also makes delegation of duties during a frenzied moment far easier. There is also a red button located at the “navel” area of the robot – pressing it will call the equivalent of 911 in China (which is 110), in addition to grabbing the attention of those nearby with its alarm and flashing lights.

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