Star Wars AT-AT PC casemod looks pretty cool

Fans of Star Wars will no doubt take a liking to this PC casemod. Yup, as pictured above, this particular casemod has been designed in the shape of the AT-AT. This was put together by modder Asphiax and it uses Hasbro’s giant AT-AT models as its base. So what is this AT-AT hiding in its interior? Storm Troopers perhaps? If you were hoping to find mini Storm Troopers hiding in the AT-AT hard at work powering the computer, you’d be disappointed. Instead the AT-AT packs an Intel Core i7-2600K CPU, a Sapphire 6870 GPU and 8GB of RAM.

Considering that plastic isn’t exactly the best way to go about keeping your PC cool, it has been outfitted with a Koolance 370 GPU and mosfet waterblocks, a Heatkiller NB/SB waterblock, an XSPC pump, 2 x 240 radiators, 4 x 120mm Enermax fans and is controlled by a Scythe Mediabay. As icing on the cake, the casemod features a USB powered Arduino that will control a pair of red lasers that has been installed in its head cannons. Pretty cool, huh? More photos of the AT-AT casemod can be found as Asphiax’s website, so pop on over for the details.

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