Thanks to the folks over at TmoNews, they have managed to obtain a screenshot that appears to be a new method of billing that T-Mobile plans to introduce billing method that is expected to roll out come 20th of May. So what changes can we expect? Well right now and as far as T-Mobile’s billing methods are concerned, users pay for their usage after they actually use it. However based on what we’re looking at here, it seems that for new postpaid customers will be treated with a new billing system that will actually charge the customers in advance for the recurring part of their bill, i.e. data packages, call plans, etc. Granted other carriers have long adopted this method but for new T-Mobile customers, this move could prove to be quite a sticker shock at least for the first bill. In any case you would essentially end up paying the same amount albeit in advance. No word if T-Mobile will be introducing this plan to existing customers or if it only affects new ones.

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