The company behind the vastly successful micro-blogging website has scooped the talent behind social marketing automation company, RestEngine. RestEngine is reportedly very adept at helping out developers with endeavors that include targeting, filtering and personalization; areas that Twitter has apparently been showing an increased interest in lately.

This statement is substantiated by the fact that Twitter released a new ‘Discover’ tab a while back which allegedly shows a prediction of stories people want to see. This is in addition to the increasing figure of business interest Twitter currently has, as it improves the targeting of “sponsored content” to its many users.

In an announcement made by RestEngine on its website it read, “We’re very excited to announce that the RestEngine team is joining the Twitter flock! Just over two-and-a-half years ago we founded RestEngine to help social app publishers send targeted one-to-one emails based on subscriber’s social graph. We’re thrilled to now focus our email skills and marketing automation know-how on a much larger scale at Twitter.”

From the four founders of RestEngine, three of them will be joining the ranks at Twitter with the remaining one; Joe Waltman who is said to be taking an entrepreneurial hiatus. Apparently with the new manpower on board, Twitter might have a winning formula if it decides to pair that team up with another one of its acquisitions this year, social news aggregator Summify; that it acquired in January.

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