Earlier this month, Valve added remote-installation support to its Steam client beta which effectively allowed users to make purchases and immediately install them on their home PC/Mac via the remote installation feature which also allows users to manage their library on Steam’s client. Now it seems that Valve have taken it a step further by allowing users to log into their Steam web site or mobile app for iOS or Android and download pre-loads, new releases or even their latest purchases the moment they become available. This would basically mean that your new downloads would be ready for you to rock out before you physically reach your computer back home.

According to Valve, to start a remote download, all users have to do is visit your own ‘Games’ list on the Steam Community site through a web browser or mobile application, and if your home PC/Mac is logged into the Steam client with the latest update you will not only be able to see the games that are currently installed, but you will also be able to download your latest purchases, any pre-loads or new releases immediately as long as the remote session is detected by the Steam store.

If you are yet to download the latest Steam client update for either PC or Mac, all you have to do is click the Steam menu inside Steam and proceed to select “check for Steam Client Updates…” The update includes changes such as remote management of your games library through web or mobile device, added UI facility to redeem Steam wallet vouchers sold by GameStop, download issues with new content system has been fixed and finally, so has crashes that were apparently related to Steam Workshop file management.

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