A restaurant chain in UK has harnessed the power of Augmented Reality technology to put a marketing campaign into motion in all of its 80 restaurants around the country. The campaign which is set to launch on the 7th of May will be the first restaurant in the UK to use AR in its venues.

Reportedly, thousands of placemats in all the branches of Wagamama will be augmented by Blippar so that diners can make use of the in-venue Wi-Fi to find out more about the lounge-concept restaurant that will apparently be appearing at music festivals this summer.

The Wagamama lounge will be a destination for festival patrons to eat the dishes, listen to music and enjoy the artwork around them at the venue. To all visitors of Wagamama, with just a ‘blipp’ on the placemat through Blippar’s free application, you will be able find out all the information that you need to know about the restaurant.

Jess Butcher, co-founder of Blippar said, “Wagamama is ahead of the curve in embracing augmented reality technology. Lots of diners go into a wagamama restaurant, make their order and then get out their smartphone to check social networking sites and catch up on news. It’s good to see a restaurant brand thinking about how to capitalise on that behaviour and use our platform to develop more of a relationship with their customers.”

If you’re heading over to UK you might want to check out one of the branches but hopefully that can happen before the AR-placemat marketing campaign ends on the 3rd of June.

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