Wall Switch Watch tells the time differently

Telling the time is something that many of us take for granted, as we either take a look at our smartphones, or the wall on the clock, or even the wristwatch – be it digital or analog, it does not matter. Well, how about a totally unorthodox manner of telling the time with the Wall Switch Watch? This unique timepiece is full of win where nerds are concerned, where you will click it just like a switch, making it far more interesting than a standard issue timepiece. The amount of features is surely lacking in the Wall Switch Watch, as you will not have the kind of chronograph capability of a diver’s or pilot’s timepiece, but one thing it does in a super cool manner is this – tell the time with a click of the switch. Toggling the switch will also show you the date. This minimalistic presentation timepiece will cost $100 at launch, although if you happen to miss the early bird boat, you will have to fork out $150 instead.

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