When we talk about a small form factor PC, surely the name Shuttle comes into mind. However, AMD might just gain the upper hand here, coming up with a low power, small form factor design computer which is tiny enough for you to hold in a single hand. Should you eventually end up tired of holding the AMD LiveBox, there is a way to gain some respite – all you need to do is to plug it straight into an outlet, and you are good to go. A two-prong power connector has been included into the case itself, which clearly makes this the first of its own kind.

Basically, this also means that there is no need to throw in any more cables into the setup. While the AMD LiveBox remains a prototype, it might just be a reference design for future PC manufacturers. After all, AMD’s bread and butter would be making chips (not of the potato kind) instead of full fledged computers, but their LiveBox prototype might just change the way future mini PCs would look like. Image courtesy of Engadget.

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