Snapping your photos and then applying a filter is usually the route that many photographers take. Some effects like Sepia, Black & White, Infrared, etc can be applied before taking the photo, but for the most part additional and fancier effects are usually a post-photography process. That being said, an app dubbed Booster is interested in bringing those effects live so photographers will know what sort of photo they will be getting once they press the shutter button.

Developed by misskiwi who also created other iOS photography apps such as Squara, ClassicINSTA and ClassicToy, Booster will come with seven different effects that photographers can choose and tweak right on the spot before taking their photo. It will also be taking full advantage of the iPhone 4S’ processing power and will save photos at full res. Unfortunately iPhone 4 users will only have their photos saved at 1530×2048, about 2MP less than the phone is capable of handling. So if you’re looking for a camera app that allows you to tweak filters live, Booster might be an app worth considering. It is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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