Last week we reported that RIM’s first Blackberry 10 device will be ditching their trademark keyboard and will be going full touchscreen instead. While this might sound like a good move in a world filled with full touchscreen smartphones, we’re sure that Blackberry loyalists and enthusiasts were a bit bummed by the news. However assuming the reports are to be believed, RIM’s second Blackberry 10 handset will come with a physical keyboard, and here’s a concept of what John Anastasiadis has cooked up on how the phone might look like, or what he hopes it will look like.

Upon first glance it certainly looks like the Bold 9900, albeit with a taller screen which we assume will be touch-capable as well. It looks pretty sleek but we can’t help but feel that its design is too reminiscent of traditional Blackberry models, as opposed to the more “out there” concept photos of Blackberry 10 devices we’ve seen in the past. Then again we expect that the Blackberry 10 software will also play a huge role in tempting users over, but what do you guys think? Would you prefer a more wilder and out of the box design, or do you prefer something a little more traditional like the one above?

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