[E2 2012] Now here is an interesting idea – how about playing DOOM 3: BFG Edition using a virtual reality headset? If you happen to be at E3 this year in Los Angeles, you can check out such a gaming configuration as Bethesda and id Software has served up a meal of virtual reality in order to promote DOOM 3: BFG Edition. So far, those who have experienced the game did chip in with their rave reviews, so you can only guess just how the level of anticipation is like in the days and months to come.

John Carmack, the main man behind id Software, shared on how some of the code that he utilized in order to make the entire setup function was recycled using previous programming work that he had done for his other company that is involved in the aerospace industry, Armadillo. The virtual reality headset basically tracks one’s head movement, while the player will need to use a control pad in order to play the rest of the game out. Made from a ski mask, the rest of its bits and pieces are held together using duct tape. It would be nice to see a more polished version in the months ahead, no?

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