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One of the most anticipated games of this year – “Doom Eternal” – is not going to launch in the month of November.

It is incredibly disappointing news for the fans waiting to get their hands on Doom Eternal.

However, along with the announcement for the delay, id Software also explained why they pushed the launch date and highlighted some changes associated with Doom Eternal.

They mentioned it all in their official announcement tweet:

In a nutshell, id Software tells that they want to invest more time to make the game as good as possible to start with. Unlike some other rushed titles, id Software wants to make sure that they are delivering the best experience possible for the game.

The announcement also mentions that the delay would help them deliver a gaming experience that should be worth the wait for every gamer out there.

In addition to the delay, they also made a few additions (or changes) to enhance the DOOM gaming experience.

For starters, there will be a new “invasion mode” that will let you play as a demon on another player’s game session. It should be an exciting feature.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you may have to wait for a date to be revealed after its launch on other platforms.

Also, as per the official announcement, DOOM 64 will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC but it has been added as a pre-bonus item when you order DOOM Eternal.

Are you excited about DOOM Eternal? Let us know what you think about the delay in the launch date.

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