Another day, another Firefox version is released, bringing up the figure to what some might deem as unlucky, 13. It must be said that most of the previous updates to the Firefox browser in recent months were minor ones, and with the availability of Firefox 13 for Mac and Windows platforms, things have changed this time around. This particular update will see the introduction of some elements to the Firefox browser that will bring it up to par with Google’s Chrome. Not only that, it will, at long last, deliver the long awaited tab as well as home screens, not to mention support for the SPDY protocol that is backed by Google which is said to improve load times for sites supporting it by a significant margin.

Not only that, Mozilla also worked on tweaking the way Firefox loads restored background tabs, loading the first tab you see when you restart the browser in order to improve startup speed. As for the spanking new home screen, you are able to access and manage your add-ons, settings, download, browsing history and settings in a jiffy. Similar to its predecessors, a Google-powered search form will consume most of the screen’s real estate space, and you even end up with a Chrome-like thumbnail view of your most visited sites whenever a new tab is opened. Can we just call this the Firefox Chrome instead?

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