Website cookies are a good way for websites to remember who you are and what you did on its page and your preferences. This helps with efficiency, especially if it’s a page you visit often. However, the problem is that cookies have since evolved over the years to where it doesn’t just remember our preferences on a single page, but can be used to track us across the web.

This means that even if you visit another website that has nothing to do with the original page, it can track you, learn your preferences, which in turn can be used to craft targeted ads. If you don’t particularly enjoy being tracked, then the latest version of Firefox might be of interest to you.

The latest update to Firefox introduces a new version of Strict Mode that they claim fully erases your browser history for any website, as well delete all cookies and supercookies. According to Firefox, this is done by creating a “cookie jar” for each website you visit, which essentially sandboxes each website so that they cannot communicate with each other and share cookies and trackers.

According to Mozilla, “That means you can easily recognize and remove all data a website has stored on your computer, without having to worry about leftover data from third parties embedded in that website.” The latest version of Firefox should already be live so make sure you’re updated if you want to take advantage of these new privacy features.

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