In some parts of the world, having access to fast and reliable internet isn’t always a given. This is why in some countries, feature phones continue to be popular because what use is a smartphone if your carrier’s infrastructure can’t support it? It is also why some developers have created “Lite” versions of their apps designed to be smaller and faster versions for lower-end handsets.

Mozilla was one of those developers where back in 2017, the company released its Firefox Rocket browser for mobile. It was later rebranded to Firefox Lite and was meant to be a lightweight browser for smartphones. Unfortunately, fast forward to today, it looks like Firefox Lite is no more.

The company has announced that they will be ending both development and support for Firefox Lite because they say that the current version of Firefox for mobile is fast enough. However, based on the comments and feedback users have been providing, the Lite version has also gotten a bit too big and bloated for a supposed “Lite” app, which kind of renders it useless.

After all, with all the bloated features, users were better off just using the regular version of Firefox at the end of the day. In any case, now that the app is gone, those who want a Lite browser app will have to look elsewhere.

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