MMOs and RPGs tend to focus a lot on farming and grinding for gear, XP or gold, unless of course you’re playing for the story alone and you’re not that interested in making it to the end-game content. That being said, MMO players are probably familiar with the grind that they have to do in order to obtain the best gear that they possibly can which is why Guild Wars 2 will be avoiding that scenario. Written in a blog post at ArenaNet, lead content developer Colin Johanson revealed that Guild Wars 2 will focus less on grinding and farming, and instead will focus on the question – “Is it fun?” Of course this isn’t to say that competing MMOs aren’t fun, but we’re sure that many players would love to be able to avoid the grind if possible.

He also went on to reveal that ArenaNet has QA teams in place to ensure that at every point in the game, they are asking the question, “Is it fun?” We guess since Guild Wars 2 will not be subscription based like SWTOR or WoW, players will not see the need to rush to end-game content as soon as possible in order to avoid paying for more game time than necessary. Will ArenaNet be successful in rolling out an MMO that will take the focus of the grinding and farming? We guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime those who got into beta weekend, do you think ArenaNet has managed to achieve that with the Guild Wars 2 beta so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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