In March this year, we talked about how HP has plans to release even more source code surrounding the now defunct webOS, and here we are halfway through the middle of the year and HP has just announced that they will be rolling out more of the source code for webOS Community Edition. The whole idea of this exercise is to make life a whole lot more easy for developers to tweak, make improvements as well as churn out more apps for the HP TouchPad as well as other devices. Of course, this is still a long way off from turning webOS into open source software from a proprietary operating system – which is where it is at the moment.

There are also plans in the pipeline by HP to release a spanking new version of the operating system later this September, where it will most probably be called Open webOS 1.0. Open webOS 1.0 is tipped to come with new technologies which will enable developers to port webOS in order to have them work on other devices.

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