WWDC is only a couple of hours away and it seems that the unveiling of iOS 6 is pretty much a given, but we’re sure that the question that many are asking is whether their older iOS devices will be able to support it? Apple has done a pretty good job so far with support for older iOS devices but we guess that some things have to come to an end eventually. Prior to WWDC, it seems that download links for the iOS 6 beta were spotted (via Chinese website WeiPhone.com). Unfortunately the links have expired and no longer function, probably to keep things a surprise until the official unveiling at WWDC.

However along with the links, support for various devices were also spotted. As you can imagine, Apple’s newer products like the new iPad and the iPhone 4S are supported, but older devices like the first-gen iPad and iPod touch models not of the fourth (current) generation were not spotted among the supported list. Oddly enough the iPhone 3GS was part of that list and given that the first-gen iPad was launched a year later, you would think that it would still be able to support the latest build of iOS. Since nothing has been made official yet, we will hold off on the speculation for now and wait until the official announcement. For all we know the website could have been incomplete at that time and not all the download links were available yet, so check back with us later for more WWDC coverage.

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