Earlier this month, we heard reports both Samsung Galaxy and iOS devices were in the process of being approved to be used by the U.S. Department of Defense. Soon after that report, we heard both BlackBerry and Samsung devices were approved, but there was still no word whether or not iOS devices would also be okayed by the Department of Defense. It looks like it’s finally Apple’s turn to receive approval from the DoD as the Pentagon has announced it has cleared iOS devices to be used inside of its networks.

Not all iOS devices have been approved by the Department of Defense as only products running at least iOS version 6 have been given the green light. So that means if you’re planning on using an iOS device that doesn’t have iOS 6 installed, you better not be making a visit to the Pentagon and try to access their wireless network anytime soon, or it could result in a stern talking to. Meanwhile, you BlackBerry and Samsung users can freely do whatever you like at the Pentagon.

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