Mozilla does seem to have jumped aboard the app store bandwagon for its collection of web-based apps, where an early version of it has been dubbed as the Mozilla Marketplace. Specially designed to be a place where users are able to discover web-based software which can be installed on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer just as though you were running an installation of a desktop app, there is not much choice as at press time with less than 200 apps available. Hopefully, that figure will grow and balloon in due time, and prior to giving the Mozilla Marketplace a go, you will first be required to install the latest Firefox 16 Nightly build.

There are users who have already given the Marketplace a go, with some of the apps working as promised without running into any hiccups at all, including Evernote, Springpad, Jolicloud, and Lord of Ultima. Could Mozilla Marketplace eventually prove to be a worthy rival of Google’s Chrome Web Store? Only time will tell, but Mozilla Marketplace has a slight upper hand as it can transform web apps into desktop apps.

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