The Nike+ FuelBand is one gizmo that you might want to own if you are a health buff, but for those with a penchant for making alterations and hacks, the Nike+ FuelBand presents you with an opportunity to modify it in a way that it is able to track down the health of your Twitter account. Hmmm, the health of something digital? It does not quite sound right, but basically, this fitness tracking bracelet will let you measure your Twitter account activity in real time.

Basically, whenever there is someone who retweets, follows you, or even mention your company’s Twitter account, the Arduino-controlled mechanism will give the Nike+ FuelBand bracelet a good shake, updating the display to reflect the latest activity counts in the process. This basically allows you to continue living the life of a couch potato, and yet have the Nike+ FuelBand fulfil its purpose – although counting tweets is not exactly the main purpose of its existence. It does not seem to make you more social though, as it is a passive counter.

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