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Nike Wants To Launch A Sneaker Subscription Service For Kids
When it comes to shoes, for most of us, we buy a pair and then we keep it for the next year or so. However, Nike is hoping to build a sneaker culture amongst kids in hopes of generating more sales, so much so that the company has announced plans for what they are calling the Nike Adventure Club.

Nike Gets Onboard With eSports By Inking League Of Legends Deal
Nike sponsors some of the world’s top athletes. It was once rumored that perhaps the company would consider sponsoring esports players as well given the increasing popularity of this genre. That has now turned out to be true as Nike has signed a three-year deal with the League of Legends Pro League in China. It’s a very big competition that has 16 professional teams competing for the prize.

Nike's New Smart Sneakers Aren't Working With Android App
Nike launched its new Adapt BB smart sneakers a couple of weeks ago. These self-lacing shoes are cheaper than an earlier iteration from the apparel giant even though $350 is still a lot of money for shoes. It released apps for iOS and Android so that users could lace up the shoes using their phones but it turns out that an update released for the Android app has caused it […]

Nike Adapt BB Shoes Can Self-Lace Through Your Phone
It has been known for a while now that Nike is making self-lacing basketball shoes. It revealed yesterday that the self-lacing feature would be controllable using a smartphone app. Nike has officially unveiled the Adapt BB today and as promised, the shoes can indeed lace up themselves at the touch of a button in the top.


New Nike Self-Lacing Shoes Can Be Controlled From A Phone
Nike launched its HyperAdapt 1.0 self-lacing sneakers back in 2016. They didn’t have wireless connectivity so you couldn’t lace them up using an app on your phone. The sneakers had physical power buttons for self-lacing which you had to press every time you wanted to activate the self-lacing feature. Nike is going to address this with its first self-lacing basketball shoes. You will be able to control them from a […]

Nike’s Self-Lacing Basketball Shoes Will Launch In 2019 For $350
For decades ever since Marty McFly wore a pair of self-lacing Nike sneakers in the Back to the Future franchise, many have wondered if such technology would forever remain as movie magic, or if it could eventually become a reality. The latter eventually proved to be true when Nike launched the Nike Mags and put them up for sale.

New Nike Apple Watch Sport Bands & Loops Launched
Nike and Apple have been working together for the past few years, and in more recent times, we’ve seen that partnership extend to the Apple Watch where there are special Nike versions of the Apple Watch for those who are a fan of Nike and who might appreciate the special sports band that is used for the Nike Apple Watches.

Nike Has Signed Its First eSports Athlete
When you think of brand sponsorships like Nike, Puma, Adidas, or Reebok, most of the time these brands usually sponsor your more “traditional” athletes, such as football players, tennis players, boxers, basketball players, and so on. However it seems that eSports is becoming too big to ignore, and Nike is getting on board by signing its first eSports athlete.

Nike PG-2 Sneakers Are Inspired By Sony's PlayStation Console
If you’re like Oklahoma City Thunder player Paul George and love sneakers and Sony’s PlayStation console, then you’re definitely going to like Nike’s new PG-2 sneakers. Nike created the PG-2 in collaboration with Sony and George. It’s the NBA star’s latest signature shoe and since he considers himself to be one of the biggest gamers in the league, he wanted a shoe that represented his love for the PlayStation when […]

Nike To Launch Limited Edition Midnight Fog Apple Watch Series 3
While Apple can be criticized for making the Apple Watch considerably more expensive than the alternatives out there, one thing that cannot be denied is how Apple has managed to get other brands to come on board the Apple Watch bandwagon, like Nike and Hermes, just to name a few.

Nike Unveils Basketball Jerseys With Built-In NFC Connectivity
With pretty much everything getting “smarter” these days, we suppose it was only a matter of time when our clothes got smarter as well. We’ve seen quite a few examples launched in the past, but Nike is hoping to take it mainstream by launching basketball jerseys that feature NFC connectivity.

Self-Lacing Nike Shoes Available For Purchase Again
Marty McFly fans have long waited to own a pair of shoes that can lace up themselves. Nike came out with such a product late last year. Called the HyperAdapt 1.0, Nike charged $720 a pair for these shoes. It released them in a limited quantity late last year and now the company has brought them back. However, just like last time, availability is going to be extremely limited and […]

Nike Will Start Selling Shoes On Instagram Too
There are many companies out there who not only sell their products on their official online store, but also third-party retailer platforms. This helps to increase their reach, plus they don’t alienate customers who might have a reason for shopping somewhere else, like an Amazon Prime subscriber might prefer sticking to Amazon for their shopping.

Nike Confirms Partnership With Amazon
Amazon is home is pretty much just about every product you can think of, whether it be electronics, clothes, books, home decor, shoes, and so on. However in some cases, some products are sold on Amazon not by the company directly, such as Nike which does not have an official presence on Amazon.