WindowsPhone-02-580-75The next iteration in Microsoft’s Windows Phone series is Windows Phone 8, also known by its codename Apollo. The transition to 8 made sense, after all the previous build was Windows Phone 7.5, so 8 would naturally follow next. However given that Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 soon, some have suggested that maybe Microsoft should rebrand Windows Phone 8 to Windows 8 Phone. With Windows 8 coming in several different versions (i.e. Windows 8 OS, Windows 8 Surface, etc), why not tie it all up neatly with a Windows 8 Phone as well? In several surveys that have since been launched in the wake of the suggestion, it seems that many are favoring the Windows 8 Phone branding instead, but what do you guys think? Should Microsoft rebrand Windows Phone 8 to Windows 8 Phone, or are you happy with the way things are now?

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