When Samsung announced that the S Voice was coming to the Samsung Galaxy S3 as a voice assistant feature, many couldn’t help but feel that this was somewhat reminiscent of Siri based on its functionality along with part of its design. That being said, does it perform as well, if not better than Apple’s own voice assistant feature? A video has been posted on YouTube which is basically the showdown between both voice assistant features and based on what we’ve seen, it certainly looks like Samsung’s S Voice has no problems holding its own, although it isn’t as “personable” as Siri. That being said, it looks like for Samsung detractors who might be thinking that S Voice is a poor rip off of Siri, you might want to rethink that position again. However we guess this isn’t exactly the most conclusive test, but for those on the fence about the Galaxy S3 and S Voice, check out the video above for yourself.

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