One of the things Apple prides itself on would be accessibility, where the company usually touts how their products have various accessibility features that makes it easier for people with disabilities to use them. However, for some odd reason, Apple seems to have removed some of them from Siri, its digital assistant.

According to various reports from users and posts made on the AppleVis forums (a forum for Apple users who are blind or have low vision), the release of iOS 15 has removed some accessibility commands from Siri.

This includes being able to ask Siri if the user has voicemails, to play voicemail messages, check call history, check recent calls, ask who called me, send an email, and send an email to a specific contact. It’s odd that Apple would remove these commands since they seem kind of useful and important.

It is unclear if Apple has simply renamed the commands, which would be rather inconvenient for users, or if it’s a bug. Chances are it’s the latter as a user from the forum claims to have spoken to Apple support and was told Apple is aware of the issue, so hopefully it will be addressed soon as we imagine that for some users, these are very key commands that they need in their daily usage.

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