Sony’s Blu-ray disc format did finally win a prolonged battle against Toshiba’s HD DVD format a few years ago, and Blu-ray has more or less seeped into mainstream consciousness, although it is still not as popular as regular DVDs simply because of the price point when it comes to admission. Sony does not only rely on Blu-ray to keep you entertained though, as they have used Blu-ray disc technology to churn out the Cell Sorter, which is an instrument for cell analysis that can be applied in areas such as immunology, cancer, regenerative medicine, and stem cell research.

According to Sony, orders for the Cell Sorter SH800 will begin from this fall onwards. Cell Sorter SH800 is said to be the first ‘flow cytometer’ cell analysis instrument that was developed by Sony, and is meant to perform optical analysis of cells. It will be able to automates optical alignment and sorting set-up through the use of Sony’s technologies cultivated in laser optics – the Blu-ray disc included, as well as optical discs. Not only that, there is also a newly developed plastic cell sorting chip that is said to deliver a far higher efficiency level with measurement tasks. [Press Release]

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