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Pioneer Launches First Ultra HD Blu-ray PC Drives
While most of us prefer accessing media content via streaming services, there still exists a segment that would much rather stick with hardware. Pioneer today launched a couple of new products just for them. The company has unveiled its first Ultra HD Blu-ray PC drives today and has confirmed that they will be available for purchase next month.

4K Blu-rays Set To Hit The Market For $30 A Pop
Remember how CES once proved to be the battlefield for HD DVD and Blu-ray formats? While the dust in that particular battle has long been settled with Blu-ray emerging as the obvious winner, it looks like the next step in Blu-ray evolution would be to keep up with the slew of Ultra HD TVs that have been rolling out in quick succession from various manufacturers. Hence, it looks like 2016 […]

Panasonic DMR-UBZ1 UltraHD Blu-ray Player Set To Rock And Roll
[CEATEC 2015] It looks like the next big jump in terms of visual quality would be UltraHD, and you can be sure that industry players are starting to ensure that they are well placed to meet whatever kinds of future potential demand. In fact, Japan will soon reveal a Blu-ray Disc player that will play nice with 4K UltraHD discs, and it will boast of the distinction of being the […]

Prototype Panasonic Blu-ray Player Supports 4K, HDR
[CES 2015] I still remember many a CES ago when the battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD raged on – and now that it has been a few years since HD DVD’s demise, Blu-ray reigns supreme. There is always room for improvement in the world of technology, which is why we are pleased as punch to bring you word that Japanese maestros Panasonic has announced that they are working on […]


Pioneer BDR-XU03J Could Be Thinnest Portable USB BD Player Ever
When it comes to portable USB optical disc drives, you might want to consider something which not only looks good, but is also slim and lightweight. After all, it is meant to be portable, is it not? Enter the Pioneer BDR-XU03J, which is a USB 3.0 Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive that measures all of just 1.2” thin. Yes sir, 1.2” thin, now think about that.

Blu-Ray Discs Could Feature Billions Of Colors
The world looks a whole lot better in color than in black and white, don’t you think so? After all, I would say that one of the biggest jumps ever in terms of TV technology would be the one that goes from black and white to color. Of course, there are other milestones such as the leap to Full HD resolution, as well as 3D and 4K streaming, but are […]

4K Blu-ray Discs Are On Their Way
At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 last week, 4K was one of the main attractions. A lot of companies showed off their 4K offerings, TVs, displays, camcorders and even short throw projectors. It goes without saying that 4K is the future, the consumer market is expected to move towards ultra-high-definition in great numbers over the next couple of years. This obviously increases the need for 4K content, and the Blu-ray […]

Xbox One Plays DVD-Rs All Right
We do know that Microsoft’s Xbox One has not had the smoothest of launches (despite selling more than 1 million units within 24 hours) as there were reports of the Xbox One Blu-ray disc drive failing. Well, Microsoft has since issued a statement on the Blu-ray issues concerning the Xbox One, not to mention us having talked about a rather unorthodox method of fixing the Blu-ray issue which has proven […]

Singulus Looks At 100GB Blu-ray Disc Which Targets 4K Movies
Do you still look back in the past with fond memories of when HD DVD and Blu-ray duked it out? I wonder how much of a role did the Sony PS3 play in championing the cause of Blu-ray, but eventually, Blu-ray was no Betamax successor, and HD DVD basically went the way of the dodo not too long after its debut. Having said that, the Blu-ray Disc Association has shared […]

All PS4 Games To Be Offered As Digital Downloads
Sony Computer Entertainment’s European CEO and president Jim Ryan was the talk of the PlayStation 4 town yesterday as he said the upcoming console would continue to use Blu-ray discs as the primary media format “for the foreseeable future.” That doesn’t necessarily mean Sony will shun its digital versions of their PlayStation 4 games as the PlayStation 3 has been doing an excellent job of making newly released games available […]

PS4: Blu-Ray Expected To Be Primary Media Format For 'Foreseeable Future'
Considering how much easier it is nowadays to purchase and download a digital copy of games on the PlayStation 3 as Sony often has new games available for purchase on the day they’re released, the company still believes physical media is the best way to go with its titles, especially with next-gen video games.Sony Computer Entertainment’s European CEO and president Jim Ryan reportedly said Blu-ray discs will still be considered […]

Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Disc Player Announced
[CES 2013] While 3D movies don’t particularly appeal to me, we’re pretty sure that there are a couple of you guys out there who love the immersive experience that 3D movies bring to the table, and if you’re looking for a Blu-ray disc player, Sony has announced the BDP-S5100 which they will be taking on the road for CES 2013, and apart from its cabinet design which should blend in […]

The Avengers is biggest pre-ordered movie on Amazon ever
The Avengers was certainly one of the summer blockbusters to beat, and while it will not win any Oscars for its story, the entire movie made the comic book characters come alive. If you want to relive the magic of The Avengers in the comfort of your own home, you might want to be part of history in the making by placing a pre-order on Amazon. In fact, The Avengers […]

Toshiba slot-in BDXL recorders debut in Japan
I clearly remember the Blu-ray vs HD DVD war many moons ago, and in the end, Sony’s Blu-ray format won the battle – but how has the uptake for Blu-ray movies been so far? DVDs certainly still rule the roost in many parts of the world, mainly thanks to the cost of converting your entire movie library into the Blu-ray format. Well, Toshiba has since jumped over to the Blu-ray […]

Prometheus Blu-ray extras leaked, Second Screen app and 15 minutes of deleted scenes included
Even though Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is still in theaters, the Blu-ray has been available for pre-order before the movie even came out. We didn’t know what exactly were the extra benefits for ordering the Blu-ray was, but Amazon France has just revealed all of them.

Sony Cell Sorter runs on Blu-ray technology
Sony’s Blu-ray disc format did finally win a prolonged battle against Toshiba’s HD DVD format a few years ago, and Blu-ray has more or less seeped into mainstream consciousness, although it is still not as popular as regular DVDs simply because of the price point when it comes to admission. Sony does not only rely on Blu-ray to keep you entertained though, as they have used Blu-ray disc technology to […]

Blu-Ray Encryption over HDCP cracked with $267 of equipment
Security researchers have found a way to crack the Blu-Ray encryption while the video content is transiting via an HDMI cable between the player and the television. Normally, the content is encrypted during this trip to prevent piracy using a “middle-man” attack where an attacker intercepts the data from the source, and relays it to the destination. If everything goes well, neither the source or recipient will detect the eavesdropping.In […]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon gets Blu-ray 3D version
Have you watched Real Steel? I half expected Hugh Jackman to do a Wolverine on Zeus by popping out his claws, severing the head of robots just like how he treated Sentinels in the X-Men comics. Good thing the story did not turn out that way, as Real Steel sported far more soul despite having less robots compared to the loud Transformers franchise. For fans of the latter, you will […]

Sony to offer the "Harry Potter 3D Experience" with selected products
Fans of Harry Potter who still haven’t gotten their hands on the 3D Blu-ray versions of the final two Harry Potter movies because they don’t own any 3D players now have a reason to invest in one. Sony has announced that it will be providing the “Harry Potter 3D Experience” with any purchases of its selected products – the Sony BDP-S780 Blu-ray Disc player with 3D or the BDV-E580 Blu-Ray […]

Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault helps you store your movie collection
Are you a movie buff who’s tired of having boxes of discs taking up all the space on your shelves in your house? Wish there was a way to get rid of all the discs you own, while keeping the movies at the same time? That’s where Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault comes in. This nifty device lets you store your movie collection (up to 320 discs) into a single storage […]