One of the joys of playing Starcraft and Warcraft III was its LAN feature. This allowed players to play multiplayer games over a local network, as opposed to having to log onto Unfortunately while Starcraft 2 opted not to include a LAN feature, Blizzard has announced that they will be introducing a “Restart from Replay” feature. This basically allows Starcraft 2 gamers to quicksave multiplayer matches in the event that something goes wrong, i.e. disconnections, computer problems, etc. Players will then be able to reload from the last save point and continue their game. Sounds like a pretty useful feature and we can already picture many players using it as their, “Hey I didn’t mean to do that, mind if we reload?” excuse. This particular feature will be rolled out in a patch which is expected to launch close to the Heart of the Swarm expansion, and the good news is that gamers will not need the expansion to enjoy this feature. So Starcraft 2 players, what do you guys think of this new feature?

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