A lot of games come with bots to allow players to play against a computer. This lets players test out new builds or strategies or if they don’t have an internet connection to play with real players online. Now, for the most part, the AI used in bots isn’t very good. They are usually predictable and once you’ve figured out their pattern, it’s easy to beat.

However, it seems that Google’s DeepMind AI has reached the point where it seems to be smart enough to take on StarCraft 2 players who are playing at the Grandmaster level. According to DeepMind, the AI has gotten to the point where it is better than 99.8% of human players, and if you thought that being AI it would be given an unfair advantage, it does not.

In fact, DeepMind’s AI has been given the same limitations as human players, such as having the same virtual camera views, limited map information like fog of war, and they are also limited to the number of actions taken per minute. This means that even with it being “handicapped”, it is better than the majority of players out there.

This is not the first time we’ve seen AI take on professional gamers. Earlier this year, Elon Musk’s OpenAI took on a team of top Dota 2 players and won.

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