DeepMind’s ‘StarCraft II’ AI Will Soon Play Public Matches

It will soon be possible for players to take on DeepMind’s StarCraft II AI. Blizzard and Alphabet will be testing out the AlphaStar AI in a select number of public matches, giving the AI an opportunity to showcase its skills against human players. It’s certainly not going to be easy trying to defeat the AI in this game.

Paid, Premium Maps Are Coming To StarCraft 2

While StarCraft 2’s storyline has been officially concluded, it doesn’t look like Blizzard is quite done with the game just yet. The company has announced that in the next major patch for the game, they will be introducing paid, premium maps that players will be able to check out via the Arcade feature in the game.

StarCraft 2 Will Be Free-To-Play Starting November 14th

Blizzard has announced during its BlizzCon conference that StarCraft 2 is going free-to-play starting November 14th. The free version of the game will provide players with access to the Wings of Liberty single-player campaign as well as every co-op commander up through level five. That’s not all. Blizzard is also making StarCraft 2’s online ranked competitive multiplayer available for free and players will be able to access units from all […]

Google To Use Blizzard’s StarCraft 2 To Train Its DeepMind AI

Last year Google and Blizzard announced a team up of sorts where Google wanted to see if its DeepMind AI was capable of learning and playing Blizzard’s StarCraft 2. It seemed like a bit of a novel idea, and now it looks like Google and Blizzard will be furthering their efforts with the launch of the StarCraft 2 API.


StarCraft 2’s War Chest Will Be Going Live This Week

One of the ways that Valve manages to get the prize pool of its The International DotA 2 tournament so high is through player contributions. Fans and players of the game can donate towards the overall prize pool, and at the same time they will be rewarded with certain items in game, thus making it feel a bit more worth it.

StarCraft 2’s ‘Stukov’ Announced For Heroes Of The Storm

If you’re looking forward to seeing more heroes and characters introduced in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm MOBA, you’ll be pleased to learn that the developer has recently announced a new character that will soon be finding his way into the game, and this comes in the form of Alexei Stukov, who might be familiar to those who played StarCraft 2.

Blizzard Giving Away StarCraft 2 To Some Gamers For Free

The first installment in the StarCraft 2 series was Wings of Liberty which launched way back in 2010. It was then followed by Heart of the Swarm and last but not least, Legacy of the Void. However could Blizzard be considering giving away the first installment in StarCraft 2? According to a post on Reddit, it certainly seems that way.

Blizzard Celebrates Diablo’s 20th Anniversary Across Their Games

While RPGs have been around way before computer games existed, it’s safe to say that with the introduction of Diablo, Blizzard pretty much changed the landscape of the action-RPG scene. For those who were too young to have played the original Diablo, you might be interested to learn that the franchise is now 20 years old.

Blizzard Drops The Price For The StarCraft 2 Battlechest

The thing about Blizzard is that they are constantly keeping their games updated with new content, so much so that returning to a game you stopped playing a couple of years ago and you could find yourself in what feels like a brand new game. This also means that new players don’t have to worry about only just getting into titles like StarCraft 2.

Blizzard Wants To See If Google’s DeepMind Can Learn StarCraft 2

If you’ve ever played any of Blizzard’s RTS games like Warcraft or StarCraft, you know that the AI that Blizzard employs isn’t exactly the most devious or challenging. This is especially true after you’ve played against them for a while in which you’ll start to discover that they follow a script/pattern that you can exploit.

Final Nova Mission For StarCraft 2 Will Be Released This Month

Last year Blizzard announced that they will be releasing the Nova Covert Ops DLC for StarCraft 2 this year, and at BlizzCon 2016 this year, the company announced that they will be launching the third and final pack of the DLC later this month which will effectively end the DLC’s campaign.

Blizzard Could Be Considering Selling StarCraft 2 Announcer Packs

As far as the StarCraft franchise is concerned, the current storyline has pretty much come to an end, meaning that if and when Blizzard does start thinking about StarCraft 3 (if they haven’t already), it will focus on a completely brand new story. However in the meantime, it sounds like Blizzard still has plans for StarCraft 2.

StarCraft 2’s Ladder Mode Will Be Getting Revamped

While Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm are Blizzard’s more recent attempts at trying to create more competitive games, it goes without saying that StarCraft was probably the company’s first and most successful attempt to date, with StarCraft 2 taking it to the next level with new graphics, gameplay, and features.

Blizzard Bundling Heart Of The Swarm With Legacy Of The Void

One of the good things about StarCraft 2’s Legacy of the Void is that it is a standalone game, meaning that you won’t need to own previous StarCraft 2 titles in order to play it. However if you’ve never played the older titles, chances are you might be a bit lost when it comes to the story, or you won’t get the full picture.