If you’re tired and bored of the Pure Breeze launcher on your Android device, perhaps a nostalgic and more familiar launcher will do the job. We’re talking about the XP Mod Launcher. If you’ve used the classic Windows operating system before, the XP Mod Launcher imitates the look and feel of Microsoft Windows XP right straight on your Android device. While the launcher might not really appeal to some, it allows you to explore your file system and open different file formats.

The launcher also supports common file system operations like copy, cut, paste, and delete. Once installed, you can tap “My Computer” to navigate your storage via the old Explorer interface. You can also open another window and navigate through multiple folders with the classic task bar at the bottom. The XP Mod Launcher is currently in beta, so you can’t really expect that much from it. If you’d like to give it a try, you can head over to Google Play to get it. Cheers!

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