Samsung Pure BreezeSamsung has taken its first (well if you count TouchWiz, then second) foray into the world of Android launchers with the release of the Samsung Pure Breeze Launcher. For those not familiar with Android, launchers are basically apps that change the UI of the operating system. It is one of the main reasons why Android doesn’t have a uniform look. Some examples of popular launchers on Android are ADWLauncher and Launcher Pro.

The recently released Samsung Pure Breeze works by replacing your homescreen with one main screen and lets you place all your apps into different categories so you’ll have an easier time locating them. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s also nothing that hasn’t been done before.

What makes Pure Breeze stand out from the crowd is its Kite feature. Whenever you press the home button on your Android phone, it doesn’t exit the app and bring you back to the home screen. Instead, the homescreen (called the Kite) appears over the app you’re currently using. Your app remains visible under the Kite’s translucent background, and you can select what you want to do on the Kite screen. Pressing back will get rid of the Kite and bring you back to your app in the same state you left it. This big change makes those accidental home button presses less frustrating, which can only be a good thing.

Samsung Pure Breeze launcher is available on the Android Market now – for free and for a price ($1.99) which lets you organize more items than the free version. Check it out and let us know if you’re a fan of Pure Breeze.

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