Apple gets patent for water damage detectionApple, considered by a few critics as the patent troll, has recently been awarded with a patent that can reportedly detect water damage in a device.”Water exposure is among major reasons that may cause significant malfunction of devices, such as electronic devices, which include electronic, mechanical, or chemical components. Therefore, verification of significant water exposure is important to manufacturers of the devices. For example, for purposes such as warranty claim assessment, trouble-shooting for repairs, and product development, a manufacturer of electronic devices typically needs to verify whether a malfunctioning device has been immersed in water,” the patent description reads.

Explaining how the device works, Apple said that it will include a compartment cover for housing a removable module such as a battery. For the system to be able to detect water damage, the device has to be equipped with a detector that will be included inside the compartment. The detector will then be configured to give a visual indication that a specific device has been damaged by water. It’s important to note that Apple has a similar feature embedded in the iPhone and iPod. They are called Liquid Contact Indicators, and these indicators will be activated when an iPhone or an iPod will come into a direct contact with water. Essentially the indicator dot located inside the device’s headphone jack will turn red if the device is damaged by water.

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