Brain scanner links man to robot

The whole idea of using one’s brains to control a particular object is close to our hearts – after all, who does not want seemingly supernatural or superhuman powers? Well, it seems that scientists have managed to figure out how one is able to use one’s thought power alone to control a tiny humanoid robot. Not only that, we are not talking about a local connection here – no sir, the person controlling the robot was hooked up to a brain scanner in Israel, while the robot was located a continent away in France, moving around the laboratory.

This would help nudge us towards the direction of robot avatars representing us in the real world, maybe we can even send our robot avatars to the office while we recover at home from a flu! Of course, it also has practical applications such as those who are paralyzed or have locked-in-syndrome are able to get up and about for a greater degree of independence. Not only that, the neural link also allows you to view the world through the eyes of the robot. Future improvements would see the robot gain the ability of speech – letting it say whatever you speak out on the other end.

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