You find all sorts of crazy stuff on social networks these days, where a recent fatal murder of a West Rogers Park man aged 62 was recorded on video, and subsequently, posted to Facebook. Apparently, the video of the incident was recorded on a teenager’s cellphone camera, at least according to officials in charge of investigations. Malik Jones, 16, from Chicago, was charged over the weekend with first-degree murder for the death of Delfino Mora, and he was held without bail by Cook County Circuit Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr.

Mora was a father of a dozen children, and he was collecting the cans in order to earn some money so that his family would be able to have a decent chance at life. It seemed that 15 years ago, an injury sustained by Mora left him unable to continue in his vocation as a construction worker, hence leading him to perform odd jobs here and there. It is rather weird for the video of the assault to be posted onto Facebook – it was as though mocking the long arm of the law’s reach which eventually grabbed Malik by the collar anyway. I hope that justice will be served in court, and this is one instance where Facebook is able to help local authorities in solving a crime.

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