How many of you out there actually make use of Gmails’s video chat feature in your browser window? I suppose there would be a fair number of users, although if you were to tout it as more than the number of users who perform video chats via Skype, there should be some hard numbers backing up that claim to be believable. The latest improvement made to Gmail would be the availability of Google+ Hangouts – where Hangouts will make full use of Google’s network so that it can offer a higher degree of reliability and enhanced quality, allowing you to chat with all of those whom you have talked to before, reaching them regardless of whether they are on Gmail or on Google+ – and it does not even matter if they are using their desktop browser or “chatting” through their Android or iOS devices.

Imagine being able to video chat with up to nine people simultaneously, now how about that? Since the Olympics is going on at the moment, why not watch YouTube videos together remotely, and you need not even share that tub of popcorn, now how about that? Enjoy the video above that touts the wonders of Google+ Hangouts on Gmail.

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